Below you’ll find our Flex MSE GHG calculator which can show you the positive impact building with Flex MSE can have on the environment.

As with any system, there are a number of variables which can affect your overall impact on the environment throughout the life of a project.

Enter your average wall height and length parameters into the Flex MSE GHG calculator to calculate a fairly close estimate of the overall reduction in the amount of GHG (Greenhouse Gas) used on your project by selecting the Flex MSE Vegetated Wall System over Concrete Segmental Walls.

The GHG savings achieved by choosing Flex MSE over a Concrete Segmental wall are dramatic to say the least.

Multiply these results by the hundreds of thousands of square feet of retaining walls built every year in North America alone and you’ll see why it’s time to start Building Green with Flex MSE.

If you’re interested in receiving a copy of our full Geomodular Block GHG study please contact us.

Ref. U.S. EPA Clean Energy Calculator

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