Flex MSE offers a tailored solution, perfectly customized to meet your unique needs.


Flex MSE is a state of the art segmental wall system that makes generational longevity retaining walls and slopes.

With 40 ft (12m) tall global design precedence, Flex MSE can be used in the same sectors and applications as traditional wall systems – site development, roadways, government, industrial, and residential. All while providing an unmatched vegetated aesthetic.

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Anywhere Land Meets Water

Flex MSE’s varied design methods and simple installation are ideal for water-borne sites. Prevent scour and other forms of erosion, while creating permanent habitat.

Combining industry leading revegetation results with 100% engineered stability, Flex MSE offers a softer, more resilient solution in water.

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Flex MSE is as structurally capable as concrete, but offers distinct benefits for green construction.

Low carbon, Low Impact Development (LID), and LEED standard projects are ideal for Flex MSE.

Increased longevity, 50% recycled content, use of local materials, very low embodied greenhouse gas (GHG), and vegetation benefits all in one simple system.

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Create almost any wall profile and feature you can imagine with only two components.

Built the same way, but radically different than concrete, Flex MSE reclaims, blends, and supports all your site elements, while adding more vital green spaces to your environment.

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Flex MSE is ideal for soil confinement and revegetation. Various design methods, from mattressing, to gravity walls, and reinforced slopes, eliminate erosion and slope failures to minimize soil loss and maximize available lands.

Flex MSE  not only helps to improve water quality, it repairs damage to fragile natural areas, public assets and private property.

Please contact us if you’re considering a project where shoreline protection, land reclamation or erosion control is required, we’ll be happy to assist!


Superior filtration and stabilization in one engineered system.  Flex MSE encapsulates in situ soils and provides a stable high quality growth platform for vegetation.

Diffusing and utilizing excess water, Flex MSE simultaneously prevents slope failures and re-establishes habitat.

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