Any Flex MSE structure over 2’ (.6m) high should integrate a reinforcement system. Typically reinforcement such as geogrid, earth anchor or rock anchoring is used. For walls under 4’ (1.2m), Flex MSE Units can be installed using our Tie Back Method.

Where Geogrid is required, we typically see it specified at lengths embedded into the backfill to 80% of the wall height (1m minimum lengths) and spaced every three to four layers of Bags (18-24″).

Reinforcement lengths and elevations may need to change depending on soils, surcharge, or other site conditions. Design assistance from a qualified Engineer will be required on all structures taller than municipal limits, and is recommended for all sites in/around water.

Trexiana provides standard CAD drawings for a host of applications, as well as Specifications and Best Practices. We also have a full Installation Guide available, please contact us for more information.

Before undertaking any retaining wall or slope stabilization, please contact your local permitting bodies for building guidelines.

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