Installing Flex MSE is fast and easy to master.

Compared to most other systems you’ll find that installing Flex MSE will be one of the easiest tasks on your project. Flex MSE allows for simple installation, vegetation and maintenance.

Ease of Installation is one of the Flex MSE Vegetated Wall system’s greatest advantages. To begin installing Flex MSE:

  • Less Prep Time – A reasonably level base is all that’s required to begin construction – Very little excavation is required for the base layer, minimizing site disturbance and prep time.
  • Simple Installation – Flex MSE Bags are laid end to end with Interlocking Plates at every unit joint – Flex MSE bags weigh between 65-80 lbs and the plates are clearly marked “This Side Up” with an arrow pointing to the front of the wall.
  • Like Laying Bricks – Successive layers are added in a standard brick and mortar running-bond pattern – This helps engage the Interlocking plate to provide the initial system strength.
  • Rapid Construction – Backfill and compact every two rows – Compacted backfill and often geogrid reinforcement are added at regular intervals for retaining walls. Bags turned 90 degrees to the face can also be used as Tie-Back reinforcement if excavation is limited, allowing installers to work in between tree roots and bedrock to create stable slopes.

Vegetation is achieved in a number of different ways, depending on the application and desired aesthetic.

  • Hydroseed – Hydroseeding with specific deep rooting grasses and forbs is very common, as is preseeding the Bag fill medium to supplement growth.
  • Staking and Layering – Live staking and brush layering with quick rooting and resilient species such as willows and small shrubs can be used to quickly reestablish riparian environments.
  • Live Planting – Live planting directly into the Bags is often used in landscaping walls to achieve a fully customized, instant finished aesthetic.

Standard irrigation systems such as spray heads and drip and soaker lines are typically added in drought prone areas to establish and mature the vegetation. A mature Flex MSE installation requires very little maintenance and provides stability for generations.

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