A vegetated wall made with Flex MSE can range from a single culvert headwall to an entire community built using this style of green construction.

Flex MSE green retaining wall projects are easily scaled for use in supporting retaining walls, living walls, sound barriers, trail systems, and stormwater structures.

Green and Low Impact Development (LID) communities as well as LEED standard projects benefit greatly from Flex MSE’s environmental advantages.

A Flex MSE vegetated retaining wall reinforces green space, is 50% recycled content, repurposes excavated materials, is non toxic and uses 97% less greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions than comparative concrete solutions.

Flex MSE can qualify for as many as 21 LEED credits in 4 distinct categories.

Flex MSE berms and walls in public spaces reduce sound pollution by absorbing reflective sound into the vegetated soils, and all but eliminate graffiti concerns.

Flex MSE has all these benefits, while still being less expensive than hard armour systems – making it a very economical engineered retaining wall solution.

To see a list of potential applications within the LEED framework and check out our GHG calculator, click here.

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