“We have been in the landscape business since 1974, Flex MSE is fantastic. If you are looking for an eco-friendly retaining wall, this is the system to use.”

– Kevin K. (Certified Installer)

“Working on creek rehabilitation projects, we have found nothing works as well as this system.”

– Steve B. (Municipal Works)

“Our project had a number of constraints, including environmental, aesthetics, and build-ability. Our team was very happy with the final outcome and would recommend its use for Developers.”

– Matt P. (Developer)

“The professional product and technical assistance and advice that the Flex MSE Team provided us was invaluable for the completion of our project within our scheduled timeline.”

– Ali Z. (Bridge Preservation Engineer)

“I would highly recommend this system! Every time I walk by the flowering walls in the summer and see the bees busy pollinating I know I made the right choice.”

– Michael T. (Homeowner)