Flex MSE Vegetated Wall Systems’ patented technology helps Developers and Government users maintain natural habitats while still maximizing development potential.

“Our project had a number of constraints, including environmental, aesthetics, and build-ability. The system fully addressed these constraints, along with the other key factor of cost. Our team was very happy with the final outcome and would recommend its use for Developers in similar applications.”

Matt P. – Developer

metro vancouver“Working on creek rehabilitation projects, we have found nothing works as well as this system. Returning stream banks back to their natural state is our main goal, and with this system we can accomplish this rapidly and with great ease! – Steve B. – Municipal Works”

Few systems can compare to Flex MSE’s benefits and value:

  • Flex MSE is 60% the cost installed versus traditional systems.
  • Flex MSE has a system lifetime rating of 120 years, almost twice that of concrete.
  • Only two components – our patented Interlocking Plate and our GTX Bag – satisfy any slope up to 85°.
  • As a natural deterrent of vandalism, Flex MSE reduces maintenance costs.
  • Uses 3% of the GHGs over concrete.
  • Can mitigate the effects of storm water on development.
  • To learn more, read our FAQ.

For Developers, Planners, Owners or Governments wanting to save money and create more green space, or integrate sustainable principles into a master plan, Flex MSE is a permanent green solution. Whether you’re trying to maximize your usable building footprint, manage storm water or beautify an area of your site – Flex MSE will satisfy all those needs and more.

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